Shopping Sundays in August 2020. Shops open on August 30. Is it shopping Sunday?

A year ago, trading Sunday fell on the last Sunday of each month. In January 2020, the applicable regulations were changed, new provisions of the act restricting trade on Sundays and public holidays entered into force.

Under the new provisions, the number of trading Sundays has been limited to just seven. In 2020, there were already 4 trading Sundays. We could do the shopping on the last Sunday in January and June, and also on two Sundays in April. The next trading Sunday will take place on August 30.

Trading Sundays 2020 – calendar:

Two trading Sundays are scheduled for April and December. This arrangement is related to the holidays that fall in these months. We are waiting in December Christmasand in April it was Easter.

Shopping Sundays in August 2020. Shops open on August 30

August 30 is the fifth trading Sunday in 2020. This means that all major stores will be open! The trade ban will not apply to supermarkets, shopping malls or other commercial establishments that day.

After the August trading Sunday, we have a very long waiting time for the next Sunday without a trade ban. The next shopping opportunity on the last day of the week will not come until December. Therefore, it is worth remembering that stores open every Sunday include:

  • pharmacies
  • florists
  • stores operating on the basis of franchise, e.g. Żabka, Carrefour Express
  • gastronomic premises
  • post offices
  • neighborhood stores where the owner serves customers
  • place of entertainment
  • supermarkets at railway stations
  • fuel stations
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There are severe penalties for non-compliance with the rules of the trade ban. It can be imposed on the facility mandate in the amount of 1-5 thousand PLN. The case can also go to court, and there is a penalty fine will be up to 100,000 PLN.


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