Shops: the government looks “favorably” on Sunday opening in December

If the date of reopening of businesses is not decided, they will probably be able to welcome customers on Sunday. The government looks “favorably” at this request presented by several trade federations for the month of December, said the Minister for Industry, Agnès Pannier-Runacher on Sunday.

“All the more so since it allows to respect the gauges, there is a health interest”, she specified on Radio J. “So we will look with kindness on this request. But what is our compass is the balance between economic and health, ”she added.

“All the conditions are met”

Regarding possible extensions of opening in the early evening, which some federations want, “this will also be the result of a consultation. But let’s not fall on the other side of the horse and the government’s idea is not to take advantage of an extraordinary situation to change the lines of labor law, ”she warned. The minister was content to mention again a reopening “around December 1”.

According to her, “all the conditions are met: a health protocol […], second element, the postponement of Black Friday week to avoid a rush in the stores if we had to reopen a little before December 1 and, if we did not reopen, to avoid a situation where some could Black Friday because they are open and the others are not. Third element, the sanitary conditions, and each passing day seems to indicate that they are met for a reopening ”.

Hairdressers affected by the opening

Could it be as early as November 27 or November 28? ” When we say around December 1st, that means that we allow ourselves to think that it is possible, ”she replied.

She said that hairdressers were also concerned: “we are working out the details with them, because the problem of the 8 m2 gauge seems more difficult to follow than in other professions”.

On the other hand, for theaters and cinemas, “it’s not the same thing”, she said: “if we know how to strengthen health protocols, nothing prevents it, but it is not. quite the same story: you cannot put a customer in 8 m2 in a cinema hall, the cinema cannot function, it no longer has an economic model ”.

Emmanuel Macron is to announce the government’s decisions on the current confinement rules on Tuesday evening.

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