Shops: Valérie Pécresse requests a reopening for Black Friday

Valérie Pécresse, president (Libres!) Of the Ile-de-France region, added her voice on Monday to those who demand the reopening of small shops on Friday 27 November, for Black Friday, in order to avoid inflicting a new one on them. “Injustice”.

While critics rained on the government’s decision to close small businesses, Ms. Pécresse asked BFMTV and RMC to reopen “from November 27”, the day of Black Friday which is “a worldwide promotional operation on the internet for broken prices, ”she explained.

“If we do not reopen on November 27, there will be competition from online businesses, one more injustice for these small businesses,” she said. The government evokes the possibility of a reopening from December 1, depending on the evolution of the health situation.

“Stop this bureaucratic state which wants to control everything”

Valérie Pécresse also called for “also accepting additional working hours” or opening on Sundays for these businesses. “We must let them do it and stop this bureaucratic state that wants to control everything.” She stressed that the region launched this Monday a site (“”) listing “the situation of these businesses”, which will allow “to make appointments and make click and collect”.

She said that the region had paid since the first confinement in the spring “1,000 digital checks” of 1,500 euros to traders who have set up a click and collect system.

The RN also calls for the reopening of shops

While the latest figures show a slight improvement in certain indicators measuring the evolution of the epidemic, Valérie Pécresse also called on the government to “prepare the phase of deconfinement”, in a “controlled, orderly, gradual manner, quite the opposite of what we did this summer ”. The government must “give itself the means so that the French can celebrate Christmas with their families,” she also pleaded.

VIDEO. Containment: a possible lightening of the measures “from December 1”, hopes Castex

On the far right, RN Jordan Bardella number two called on LCI to “trust the French” and allow them “to celebrate Christmas, if they wish, while respecting health rules”. Pleading again for a reopening of small businesses on December 1, he ruled, with regard to “independents, craftsmen, traders, restaurateurs”, that “many French people will obviously not die of the Covid but of all the collateral consequences”.

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