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[Epoch Times, September 24, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Lin Senshan) GEMG.E.Mnew album”Revelation“The fourteenth wave of the ultimate hit”the sky has no limits” was officially launched on September 23, and the new album “Revelation“The 14 new songs and 14 MVs were also released. In the MV, Deng Ziqi with short hair shows her perseverance and the confidence to let love live in her body, and she hopes to bring warmth to more people with this song.

G.E.M.G.E.MNew song “the sky has no limits“MV screen. (Courtesy of Warner Music)

This time, Deng Ziqi’s new album is released in the form of an unprecedented “music series”, with two new songs and two MVs serialized in a week. Deng Ziqi has multiple identities as singer-songwriter, screenwriter, and producer for the entire album, from concept planning to songwriting, to MV script writing and filming producer.

Deng Ziqi has gone through 70 days and nights since the release of his new album on July 16 and the release of his new album on September 23. These days, she has also broadcasted the “Revelation-Drama Meeting” twice a week, sharing her behind-the-scenes experience in face-to-face interaction with the audience.

GEM Deng Ziqi’s new song “The Sky Has No Limits” MV screen. (Courtesy of Warner Music)

Deng Ziqi also shared that he once felt depressed and unhappy every day for a while two or three years ago, because at that time, the dispute with his former company could hardly be stopped for a day, and he had to have a meeting with a lawyer after recording the show. In the days of , she admitted frankly: “I feel like I’m about to explode.”

In the live broadcast, Deng Ziqi couldn’t help crying, and she finally said: “Three years ago, I was lucky to get through it. Every time I see someone who can’t get through it, I feel very distressed for them.” Expressing hope that “Revelation” “The music can accompany everyone and let everyone know that there is still hope in this world.

GEM Deng Ziqi’s new song “The Sky Has No Limits” MV screen. (Courtesy of Warner Music)

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