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Original title: It is difficult to win the game without any risk (quote)

Shougang men’s basketball team won five consecutive victories (theme)

beijing nightNews (Reporter Chen Jiakun) Yesterday, the Beijing Shougang team narrowly beat the Sichuan team 85-83 in the 18th round of the CBA. Foreign aid Leaf completed the “quasi lore” and helped the team win five consecutive victories. The Shougang team did not perform well in the whole game. The head coach Xie Libin criticized the team for “ugly”.

With 4.6 seconds left in the game, the two sides tied at 83, and the head coach Xie Libin suspended the final attack. In this game, the player with the highest offensive efficiency of the Shougang team is Leaf, and the tactical arrangement is to create offensive opportunities for him. The ball was successfully passed to Leaf, who happened to be in a dislocation state of playing big and small, and completed this “quasi lore”. The Shougang team led by 2 points, leaving only 1.3 seconds for the opponent, and the Sichuan team failed to score again. Leaf scored 27 points and 11 rebounds, both of which ranked first in the team. Fan Ziming’s state has rebounded significantly recently, and he scored 24 points and 10 rebounds in this game. The inside combination of Leaf and Fan Ziming has gradually entered the state. Their individual singles ability is very strong, and the two cooperate with each other. They are the most stable offensive point of the Shougang team.

The result of winning cannot conceal the poor performance of the Shougang team. Xie Libin said frankly after the game: “We played ugly in this game. This is not the Shougang team that people are familiar with. As a coach, we need to go back and make a deep summary.” Shougang The team’s offense was frequently blocked in this game, and the 3-pointers fell short, only 1 of 22 shots. Xie Libin explained that he originally wanted to give the third foreign aid Gibson some playing time, but he did not expect the team to play like this in the game, and Gibson failed to get the chance to play in the end.

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