should more bears be reintroduced?

Emmanuel Macron confirmed that there would be no other reintroductions of bears in the Pyrenees. A great first for the opponents of the animal who are waiting for confirmation in writing. “I am not naive, so we will obviously remain vigilant, (…) but today, it is true that there is hope that has been created”, reacts Philipe Lacube, president of the Chamber of Agriculture of Ariège. Each summer, the herds of shepherds go on transhumance in the high mountains, near the bears. We estimate their number at around forty in the Pyrenees. According to Ariège breeders, attacks were on the rise in 2019. Rémi Denjean thus lost 80 ewes.

For their part, bear defenders are ready to go to court, because a European directive encourages member states to reintroduce a viable population in the Pyrenees. The associations estimate that it would take a hundred individuals to ensure the renewal of the species, twice as much as today.

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