should the French prepare to celebrate Christmas through screens?

As every year, inspection of skewers with hot sauce from November at the Phillips. Christmas is approaching: Suzette, Royanne and Éline are in the kitchen for a big dress rehearsal of the dishes they will cook throughout the end of the year celebrations. Their family lives on both sides of the Atlantic, one part being settled in Guyana, and the other in Metropolitan France. Separated by 7,000 kilometers, containment or not, for the members, Christmas is necessarily always celebrated from a distance. However, there is no question of losing morale: everyone master video calls.

At the Phillips, no successful Christmas without gifts for the children. As every year, the family organizes with volunteers the collection of toys for the most disadvantaged, but the coronavirus has shaken the schedule. “Usually, since September, we start to organize everything. But, with all that we had this year, I decided with my team to start collecting the gifts at the end of November and until December 4th.“, indicates Suzette Phillips. This year, the party promises to be there, between Guyana and France.

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