Should we seek to reduce taxes at all costs?

OUR ADVICE – What could be better than saving while taking advantage of tax advantages? But beware of false good ideas.

It’s always the same old story. In the summer, the spirits of taxpayers heat up at the sight of the amount of their income tax. And at the end of the year, wealth advisers pick up their phones to offer them the best tips to pay less the following year. Let’s face it: there is no such thing as a miracle solution. No need to rush into an investment, on the pretext that it allows tax savings if, in the end, the losses turn out to be greater than the tax advantage obtained at the outset. Or to see your savings immobilized for many years when you have projects to finance in the short term. On the other hand, if they are well explained and understood, subscribing by the end of December to investments that will reduce your tax for next year may make sense.

They can be classified into two categories. In the first, we find those which allow the deduction of the sums invested from taxable income, to be declared next spring. It is notably

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