should you buy these “next gen” consoles? Our journalists answer you

Hello, honestly without 4K TV at home, what is the point of these new consoles?

-The gringo

Hello El Gringo,

This is a good question and I think the answer will vary from person to person. For my part, I tested the PS5 on a Full HD screen, so not 4K, and I still saw a real gain in graphics quality. We also gain in fluidity, since the goal with these new consoles is to be able to run games at constant 60 FPS (the number of frames per second, which influences the realism of the movements), or even to go up to 120 FPS on some games, a luxury usually reserved for PC gamers. Last point: to take advantage of 4K, you need a screen of a certain size, which implies a certain amount of less money in your bank account.

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