Shoulder exercises with elastic bands

We always strive to use barbells and dumbbells to work our muscles and most of the time this is fine, it is correct, but it is not always necessary and sometimes it can be counterproductive.

While I do not recommend this type of work for people looking for hypertrophy, much less gain strength If it can be a help when it comes to recovering from an injury, avoiding them and even as a warm-up or toning work for it, today we are going to see seven ways to work your shoulders, O All your body, with a simple elastic band.

Front openings with elastic band

With this simple exercise we are able to work back of shoulder and I consider it ideal to warm up before working that muscle group. We simply grab the rubber band with our arms extended and make an opening until the arms are open at our side and fully extended.

Front raises with elastic band

In this case we focus on another part of the shoulders. This exercise is usually done with dumbbells, but with a simple elastic band we can achieve great results. We simply step on the coma with our legs and, starting with the arms parallel to our body, we extend forward until they are parallel to the ground and extended in front of us.

Side raises with elastic band

In this case we end, as in the first exercise, with the arms extended parallel to the ground next to our body but we start from a position with the arms down fully extended. We must step on the rubber with our feet so that it is well trapped and to be able to work against a resistance.

Shoulder press with elastic band

Like the classic shoulder press With dumbbells or with a barbell in this case we use an elastic band as resistance. We execute the movement standing up and step on the rubber with our legs. The shorter we keep the rubber, the greater the resistance.

Internal shoulder rotation with elastic band

In this case, we place a band at medium height to one side and with the arm in a 90º position we have to make a rotation, bringing the arm inwards towards our abdomen. This exercise is essential to prevent possible shoulder injuries.

External shoulder rotation with elastic band

In a position very similar to the previous one, but holding the elastic band with the opposite arm in this case instead of bringing the hand to our abdomen we take it to the opposite side. This exercise is also an aid to strengthen and work small movements that prevent future injuries.

Top shoulder rotation with elastic band

In this case we step on the rubber with our feet and we place the arm flexed at 90º and extended outwards so that it is parallel to the ground and we simply make a rotation until our arm is facing the ceiling. Another fundamental move to prevent injuries.

This article was originally published by Víctor Falcón in April 2018 and has been revised for republication.

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