Shout out to the school director after a young female teacher hangs her neck to death Found a letter to order, unable to accept it, was ordered to work hard

Hundreds of students and villagers gathered to chase School Director after finding a letter from a young teacher Can’t stand being ordered to work hard suicide

In the case of a 42-year-old female teacher from a school in Chachoengsao province, she died after hanging herself at her home. The incident happened on 27 June.

Most recently, today (June 30), the teacher’s 37-year-old brother, along with students and villagers in Mon Thong Subdistrict, Bang Nam Priao District, Chachoengsao Province, gathered together, holding up signs, shouting and shouting to oust. school director After taking a position at the school for about nine months, villagers called on the director to move out of the school within 24 hours.

The young teacher’s younger brother revealed that he wanted to come and ask for justice for his grandchildren. which is the son of his sister After knowing the cause of the hanged in the letter, which wrote, “Love your son-in-law, want to stay with you for a long time. but the workload The school is so crowded, I can’t take it, I can’t sleep, I can’t work for many days.”

which after knowing the sister’s heart in this letter Therefore, he asked the teachers and the school janitor until he learned that this director had behavior that pressured teachers in the school in many matters, so he wanted a committee to be set up to investigate the behavior of this director.

As for the remedy, I would like to Director shows responsibility because his own sister passed away The eldest daughter who had to continue to be treated in the hospital. will not be able to withdraw money for treatment In this part, he still doesn’t know how his granddaughter will continue to heal. Moreover, the thing that relatives are most curious about is what pressure the director has said to his sister. causing her sister to commit suicide

Mr Rewawat, 52, a former janitor who recently resigned, revealed that today the villagers who come together want The director moved to another place as soon as possible. Personally, working with Director Ma, I noticed the behavior of wanting something or doing something. must get it If you can’t do it, you will be sarcastic and pressurized.

or evenday offSaturday – Sunday, which isday offAfter their vacation, they will be called by the director to follow them to work at the school. If he wants to come and do something on the holidays, he will call after him. When he does not come or does not comply with any matters other than work, he will be pressured by the Director in every way. Until making himself unable to live even though he has been a janitor at this school for 10 years

Preliminary: Mr. Nitipoom Phochakon, Deputy District Chief of Bang Nam Priao and Lt. Col. Sarawut Srirakyim, deputy superintendent (P) of Bang Nam Priao Police Station, Mr. Suthisak Manureem and village representatives spoke with the school’s skilled teachers. Representing stories from villagers To forward it to the Office of Education Area to set up a committee to investigate the matter further. The villagers then dispersed to wait for the answer. with the matter requested

However, the problem with school teachers caused by the administration of the school director. The teachers and villagers have written 15 items, consisting of

  1. This creates pressure to work for teachers. By often following work frequently Send the work as an order and it will be delivered immediately. without the deadline for submitting that work in order for the school to submit work as a priority Create a portfolio for yourself regardless of your subordinates.
  2. like to claim work in line group By reprimanding and reprimanding teachers in the school’s group line.
  3. Use words that weaken the minds of subordinates.
  4. Engage the teacher’s private time following work after 9 PM, not even on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. without being an urgent job
  5. create divisions among the faculties Submit the work like a contest.
  6. does not create morale and morale for the teachers
  7. does not support the advancement in the work of the subordinates such as the assessment of academic standing
  8. Failure to listen to subordinates’ reasons, such as having to take family members to hospital, but are blamed
  9. does not accept community traditions For example, having teachers come to work on holidays.
  10. Let the subordinates work hard on the days of Islamic fasting.
  11. Work orders regardless of the health of subordinates.
  12. There is no morality in school administration.
  13. lack of leadership
  14. Likes following the teacher out of the classroom while teaching
  15. no work distribution work orders that are too heavy until the subordinates

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