Shows: Angie Jibaja cries children good mother to Romina Gachoy

Updated 09/16/2020 at 6:50 PM

Angie Jibaja she broke down for her children in the program ‘Amor y Fuego’ because she has not been able to communicate with her children for a long time. The ‘tattoo girl’ also revealed that she does not consider a good mother to her little ones to Romina gachoy

During the Interview, Angie He maintained that both Jean Paul Santamaría does not let his children communicate with her and also blames the Uruguayan, since “A woman cannot be manipulated that long” to “not let them communicate with me.”

He also doubts that Romina be a good mom. “I hope so, but as a mother I would not agree that no one separates their children from their mother, no matter how bad it is, a call, a video call. I can’t say it’s good, I hope it is “

“May God bless you, that I hope my children are really well, that I forgive them for anything and that they only let me talk to my children. I hope they are treating them well, that’s what I hope ”he said, his voice breaking.

While, Rodrigo Gonzalez She advised her to show that she is well and recovered to get her children back, while Gigi Miter indicated that for her, both Jean Paul and Romina are having the little ones well.


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