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Reporter Wu Mengting / Comprehensive Report

Shu Hua, a Taiwanese member of the popular South Korean girl group (G) I-DLE, returned to Taiwan for a vacation at the end of March and took a rest for nearly 4 months. She quietly returned to South Korea a few days ago. She was quarantined and did not forget to update her daily dishes. Sometimes it’s kelp soup, sometimes it’s Korean-style noodles, and her latest selfie is also covered by her long hair and looks topless, making fans shout: “Get your clothes on!”

▲Shu Hua’s selfie looks completely empty! Fans tremble: dress well. (Picture/Retrieved from Shuhua IG)

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Shu Hua updated a photo of sitting in an airplane cabin on IG on the 19th. Although she stated that the photo was taken in July 2018, in fact, she also quietly returned to South Korea by plane. Then she entered the quarantine period. She specially named the limited-time dynamic “day”, which means “the day of quarantine.” She often updates the dishes she eats every day, such as seaweed soup, Korean noodles, and fried beef short ribs. She cooks and cooks by herself.

And she recently updated a few selfies in the room. The long-haired shawl looked as if the upper body was not worn, making fans nervous to leave a message, “The clothes must be worn!!” She hurriedly sent out a few selfies again earlier, and it was revealed at this time. The small shoulders are cute, showing that they are really wearing clothes!

▲Shu Hua went back to Korea to quarantine

▲ Shu Hua updated the photo again, in fact, there is a cute little girl on her upper body. (Picture/Retrieved from Shuhua IG)

(G) Since I-DLE member Sui Zhen was involved in bullying suspicion, the members mainly focused on their own solo activities. Captain Xiaojuan officially released a solo film and is playing songs. Minnie went into TV series and returned to Thailand to promote, and Shu Hua did. I went to Taiwan for a vacation, and also appeared on the popular variety show “Variety Show is Great”. Whether or not to return to Korea implies that all the members will return together, which makes fans look forward to it!

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