Shut down or suspend your computer? check this

Hibernation saves the state of the computer to the hard drive and then shuts down completely.


This year the computer has been our best tool, not only to work, but also to communicate and entertain ourselves.

If you constantly use your computer and turn it off every time you stop using it, we have bad news for you, you probably did it wrong.

How to sit correctly in front of the computer?

The reality is that today’s most modern computers are designed to be suspended rather than turned off. That is why we want to share with you how the hibernation process works and the reason why you should use it.

The suspension makes the equipment work at very low power, saving in RAM all the information about our session, thus starting the system, we can resume our work where we left off in a matter of seconds.

Hibernation saves the state of the computer on the hard disk and then shuts down completely, it is important that you know that the computer does not consume additional power, as it does when it is suspended.

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