Siboldi defined who will be the owner of Cruz Azul’s goal: VIDEO

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After Jesus Crown fail in the third goal of Toluca, what meant the tie for the Red Devils, the debate of who should be the Blue Cross holder goalkeeper in the MX League, every time Sebastian Jury He was able to debut with the U20.

Although the cement fans ask for a rotation in the arch, Robert Dante Siboldi deactivated speculation by ratify the veteran as his number one, so that we will not see Jury in league at least in a while.

We all make mistakes. If I said we would analyze Chuy’s, it was because we are all in that processbut trust in him and He has the confidence to remain our titular archer and captain, ”said the strategist.

Yes now, Cruz Azul fans can prepare to see their team compete at the top of the general table. Yes well until this Day 4 the celestial ones remain with four units in the eleventh position, Robert Dante Siboldi made it clear that they have left behind the bad times to have a full squad and just wait for the recovery of Yoshimar Yotún Y Milton Caraglio.

We can’t stop to have been, that’s it and we had to adapt to the circumstances. We already had the bitter drink and now to follow what is coming, ”he said.

Even, Yoshimar already has his medical discharge and it is expected that next week he will return evenly with his teammates. While to Milton will take a little more time. It’s like that from the bosom of the squad it is about not alarming the celestial follower despite the problems they have faced in their first four games in which they add two losses (Atlas and Atlético San Luis), a triumph against Saints and a draw before Toluca.

The hobby is not to understand vicissitudes, but why not win, because this team has to win and what we have to do is minimize those things so that the fan is not contaminated with negative things. ”

And I add: “I understand what the fan must be feeling because we are feeling it too. We have four points and this team is not there to have four points on a Date 4, the minimum should be among the eight best. ”

Regarding the six additions that the team made for this campaign, today Jonathan Borja has already trained at La Noria and just wait get the work visa.

Criticisms of late arrivals of their new items as Lucas Passerini or Alex Castro, have not been made wait, however Siboldi made it clear that in Blue Cross appealed to the hiring with calm and unhurried. It should be noted that at least Sebastian Jury Y Luis Romo they were on time and shortly after Pablo Ceppelini.

“It’s not ideal, but as circumstances unfortunately occurred today to Date 4 we can have the full squad. But also It is the product of not making panic purchases without analyzing, evaluating or speaking with the player, without seeing how it is or how it comes; practically those who arrived are here to play, they just adapt to their classmates, settle in the city with their home and family. Sometimes it is preferred to take a little longer and do things well and not make them in a hurry and then pull our hair. ”



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