Sibyle Veil announces that Radio France will adjust the social aspect at the start of the school year

INTERVIEW – The president of the group explains that “the State will support it to meet the additional costs directly linked to the crisis”.

Sibyle Veil, patron of the Radio France group.
Sibyle Veil, patron of the Radio France group. Credit: Radio France / Christophe Abromowitz

The pandemic has changed everything within Radio France. While management and unions discussed the plan to break collective agreement providing for the elimination of 299 jobs (and 76 job creations in parallel), the crisis has reshuffled the cards. The president of the group is taking the summer to modify the balances of her departure plan.

LE FIGARO. – During the crisis, did Radio France fulfill its missions?

Sibyle VEIL. – In such shocks, you have to have solid pillars: Radio France has demonstrated that society can count on its public service. We have been useful in informing the French with reliability and humanity, and we have done much more to accompany them and support their morale. Radio has demonstrated that it is a remedy for social distancing. Radio France was one of the solutions during the crisis and it will be one of the solutions for the reconstruction period.

What lessons will you learn from an editorial point of view?

During the crisis, our

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