sick, the singer is angry with her son Marin’s school

While Nolwenn Leroy had to provide several shows in recent days, the singer announces that she is canceling everything! Indeed, according to the artist’s own statements, his state of health does not allow him to perform on stage. Victim of a terrible virus, the famous Breton therefore abandons the idea of ​​finding her audience. A real heartbreak of which Objection is echoed today for you.

Nolwenn Leroy: sick, she stops singing …

A return after a long absence

For several months, if not several years, Nolwenn Leroy had been extremely discreet professionally. The young woman had indeed operated a slight withdrawal from the media scene. However, the start of the 2021 school year proved to be importance capital for her. Indeed, the singer was making her comeback with a new album and a long-awaited reunion with the public. A few days ago, the companion of Arnaud Clément unveiled her new clip in order to present one of her last titles entitled Brazil, Finistère. Images on which her audience could discover her with a pair of rollerblades and in an outfit that perfectly highlights her pretty figure.

Obviously very happy with the result, Nolwenn Leroy therefore invited her fans to immerse themselves in this new universe, the result of long-term work. ”This summer, on a beach in the north of France, we went to look for some rays of sun and a great wind of freedom to shoot the images of the clip from ‘Brazil, Finistère’. He’s yours !!! I hope you enjoy “. A few days ago, the former resident of the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys Also revealed to his admirers the cover of his new album. To the picture, Nolwenn Leroy thus appears more feminine than ever in an outfit that is simply stunning. Her little dress actually makes it possible to discover her perfect figure as well as all the grace of the young woman. However, all this happiness seems to have been short-lived. Indeed, fate seems to have decided to put a stop to this return to the front page of the news. Objection explains everything to you.

Victim of a virus

It is indeed with great sadness that Nolwenn Leroy shares the news with his fans. On social networks, the singer admits to being sick to the point of having to cancel all her next concerts. “Since yesterday, more voices, completely voiceless. Thank you, my little Marin, and the tough little viruses from kindergarten. That’s life ! Nothing serious ! We’ve all been there! Except that during this time, I can’t even speak anymore, so singing …“. Indeed, Nolwenn Leroy seems to have contracted a virus transmitted by his son who is now in school.

In any case, even if Nolwenn Leroy tries to reassure his admirers and affirms that the disease is not serious, the consequences are nevertheless important. Indeed, several concerts are canceled with perhaps the hope of being able to be organized later: ”I regret so much that I did not come to see you tonight at Pau and tomorrow in Cahors. But speechless, what do I do ??? I am sure that you will forgive me for this setback beyond my control which deprives me of a great time with you. Of course, we’ll see each other very soon ”.

Unwavering support

If this news obviously saddens the admirers of Nolwenn Leroy, a large number of them nevertheless decide to give him their support. After announcing the cancellation of his concerts on Instagram, the artist was able to to certify how much she could count on the love of her subscribers. Immediately and very spontaneously, a multitude of followers have, in fact, hastened to show him all their affection and their wishes for a speedy recovery. Objection also invites you to discover some of them.

Among the first to react, actress Michèle Bernier wishes her: ” Good luck “. A message of encouragement that will quickly be accompanied by hundreds of others: ” Too sad. Usually, it’s you who leave us speechless “,” A little rest and you’ll be back on stage soon. Take care. “,” Too bad for those who wanted to see and hear it, but speechless what to do? Above all, take care of yourself as best as possible. Get well soon, Nolwenn, and kisses “,” Good recovery and may the voice come back quickly. In the meantime, dance to Brazil Finistère “,” We always forgive talent “. In short, no one seems to want to hold on To Nolwenn Leroy for this last minute slip up. An absence of course independent of her will and against which the singer can unfortunately not do much except wait and try to take care of herself as well as possible.

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