Sick WAC player Novak is training lightly again

Michael Novak, player of the RZ Pellets Wolfsberg, has returned to the training ground after months of uncertainty. The 30-year-old has been missing from the Wolfsbergers since the summer after a sudden illness. In the meantime, the right-back was diagnosed with the chronic bowel disease Crohn’s disease. It is still unclear whether Novak will make the comeback among the professionals.

GEPA/Mario Buehner

At the moment, light-weight training is the order of the day. At the beginning of his illness, Novak said he was sometimes unable to get out of bed without help. An autoimmune disease was diagnosed. Therapies followed that were only partially effective. As Novak told the “Kleine Zeitung” (Thursday edition), the intestines, as the origin of the disease, have reacted well so far. “It is a constant process of finding out how I tolerated the previous day and what reactions my body is showing. There were no major setbacks. “

The Carinthian, who worked for SV Mattersburg for years before moving to WAC, suspected stress was the trigger for the reaction. “Halligalli is at home with my two-year-old son. In addition, there is the pressure to succeed. You’re always energized. ”If the recovery goes according to plan, the goal is obviously to start team training during winter preparation. Novak is also already thinking about a career after football. “At 30 you have to think about the rest of your life. It is a doom-loop. You have a stress-related illness, then you have to worry about your job and finances, ”he said.

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