Signs of the hour appear in Saudi Arabia: A groom discovers after the wedding that the one who is with him on the bed is not his bride, and before he makes any reaction that preceded him with what she did… She turned him into a slave under her feet in this diabolical way! !

A Saudi citizen filed a lawsuit against his wife and her family, demanding the return of his dowry of 65,000 Saudi riyals, and the imprisonment of her sister.

The lawyer, who pleads for the husband, says that due to the custom of some tribes in Saudi Arabia who refuse to see the suitor or husband’s face throughout her life, a young man preferred to use his mother to propose to one of the daughters of families known for their adherence to these rituals.

The story in detail is that due to the mother’s lack of knowledge of the girl’s family, the family presented their eldest married girl, who enjoys high aesthetic qualities, to the mother, being the bride. As soon as the mother saw her, she wished her for her young son, and the wedding took place after the groom gave her a dowry estimated at 65 thousand riyals. ,

When the marriage official attended, the older girl signed her acceptance of the marriage, and the husband and his mother discovered, after seven days of his wedding, that his wife was nothing but the sister of the girl she saw and approved of, and she signed the contract instead.

After that, the husband sought to return his wife to her family’s home, but they refused to receive her, especially since she stayed with him for 7 days, in addition to the fact that the eldest girl he saw is married and has children.

The lawyer expected that the judge would order the annulment of the contract because it was based on falsehood and fraud, referring to the psychological pain that the bride suffered, especially since he did not miss a week of her marriage.

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