Silence launches its own motosharing service in Girona

  • The company’s electric motorcycles, which already provide service in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Rome and Valencia, start in the capital of Girona with a free proposal from October 27 to November 7

Silence Add a new city to your electromobility environment today: Girona. The electric motorcycles of the Catalan company they begin to provide service in Girona, where the brand has introduced the shared motorcycle modality (motosharing) with 25 vehicles, in the same way that you already have in locations such as Barcelona (with two operators, SeatMO and Acciona), Madrid, Valencia and Roma (all with Acciona).

The proposal, which has had the collaboration of the brand’s concessionaire in the capital of Girona, Interdiesel Group, now operates under the Silence brand itself, which in this way launches solo sharing service. Carlos Sotelo, CEO of Silence, pointed out in the presentation that “Sharing Silence puts in the hands of the residents of Girona, electric motorcycles with zero emissions, fully connected thanks to the APP Silence Connected. With your mobile you can do all the operations: locate the motorcycle, reserve it, start it, remove the helmet, and pay for the service. Everything in a very simple way ”. Silence’s motosharing in Girona It will be free for users during the Sant Narcís festivities that take place this week and until next November 7.

Up to 120 motorcycles

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The fleet that will serve in Girona will increase to about 120 motorcycles, all of them connected via the Silence Connected smartphone app. The app is installed from Google Play or Apple Store, and to register you must have at least three years of license (includes the B car license). The entire operation is carried out from the telephone and inside the hood of the motorcycle (of the S01 model) you will find two helmets with different measures. A map of the service coverage area appears in the application and the motorcycles are collected and returned within that space. Payment is per use and the rate established as of November 7 is 0.26 cents per minute.

The act of presentation of the service was attended by the Mayor of Girona, Marta Madrenas. After being able to test the motorcycles on the streets of his city, Madrenas stressed that “Each motorbike in the Girona Sharing removes a good number of cars from the street, eliminating traffic and emissions. Silence is a very serious company, they are from here, and we are delighted to be able to work with them. ”For his part, the manager of the Interdiesel group, Robert Espigol, has specified that “today we start with 25 motorcycles of sharing with the forecast of reaching more than 100 units, the number that we have deemed appropriate to serve the entire city of Girona.


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