Silence on joue ! «Not for Broadcast», «Vampire Survivors», «The Longest Road on Earth», «Pupperazzi» – Libération

This week, real-time directing, limited-time survival, long-time music, and dogs, too bad.

Silence we play! This is Liberation’s weekly video game show. With Erwan Cario and its columnists, Patrick Hellio, Marius Chapuis, and Corentin Benoit-Gonin.

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This week, we start with the very addictive Vampire Survivors, perhaps too addictive, with its reward mechanisms taken to the extreme. We continue with the excellent Not For Broadcast just out of Early Access, which plays with the codes of audiovisual production. We end with the (too) radical proposition of The Longest Road on Earth which attempts a musical narration which unfortunately falls a little flat and by Pupperazzi and his pictures of dogs.

Jérémie Kletzkine, in his board game column, tells us about For the king (and me).

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