Silence we play! Cyberpunk 2077 Special

Silence we play! this is the weekly video game show from Release. With Erwan Cario and its chroniclers, Patrick Hellio, Julie Le Baron and Marius Chapuis.

This week, that’s it, we were able to walk up and down the streets of Night City, the city where the long awaited CD Projekt Red blockbuster takes place. Difficult to approach Cyberpunk 2077 like the other games, on the one hand for its excessiveness and on the other because of the feverish expectation it has managed to generate among players. But once in the game, you have to face the facts, beyond the technical bugs and the versions sacrificed for the consoles of the previous generation, the sensations are incredible. Enough to forget a very virilistic vision of the future that wallows in all the clichés of the genre? Not sure…

Update, after registration, which took place on December 17th:

Eight days after its global launch, Cyberpunk 2077 is removed from the Playstation Store, Sony’s online store, “For lack of having been able to respect the satisfaction levels of the players”, explains Sony Interactive Entertainment in a press release, ensuring that consumers who so desire can be reimbursed. Riddled with bugs and ugly as a lice, the version delivered for the Playstation 4 consoles is costing the Polish studio its reputation.

Jérémie Kletzkine, in his board games column, tells us about the next reissue of Alhambra.

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