Silence we play! “Hitman 3”, “Bridge Constructor”

Silence we play! this is the weekly video game show from Release. With Erwan Cario and its chroniclers, Patrick Hellio, Julie Le Baron and Marius Chapuis.

This week, we find the bald barcode killer who returns for the conclusion of the trilogy launched in 2016 by the studio IO Interactive. We therefore discover with delight the new environments where it will be necessary to show imagination to eliminate targets in all possible and imaginable ways. Hitman 3It’s often funny, always unexpected, and it ends up resembling an interactive play that has never ceased to amaze us for three episodes. We end the show with Bridge Constructor : The Walking Dead, where the license to build bridges joins that of zombies.

Jérémie Kletzkine, in his board games column, tells us about Via Magica.

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