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Silence we play! The “Golden Silences” 2021 in public – Release

This week, along with the podcast community, we are presenting the awards for the most outstanding games of the year, and of past years as well.

Silence we play! This is the weekly video game show from Release. With Erwan Cario, Patrick Hellio, Jérémie Kletzkine and the community of podcast listeners.

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To comment on this show, give your opinion or simply chat with our community, log on to the whole new Discord server from Silence we play!

This week, we’re dedicating an entire show for the first time to community votes from Silence we play! to reward the most significant video games of the year, but not only. We are also talking about board games, games for children or on mobile, virtual reality and even the most important games of the past decade. All this thanks to the determination of Bertrand, Vladimir, and Jenesuispasunrobot, who valiantly organized the operations. And for this show, we experimented for the first time with the possibility of live recording directly to our Discord server. A successful first that calls for others to come!


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