Since August 17, France has evacuated 2,834 people from Afghanistan

Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday that France has evacuated 2,834 people from Afghanistan since August 17.

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France has evacuated 2,834 people from Afghanistan, including 142 French, 17 Europeans and more than 2,600 Afghans threatened since August 17, two days after the Taliban seized power in Kabul, said Emmanuel Macron Saturday. These evacuations took place thanks to “about fifteen flights” through the United Arab Emirates, explained from Baghdad the French president, the day after the end of the airlift set up by Paris.

“Discussions started” with the Taliban on humanitarian operations

The president, who was speaking at a press conference in Baghdad after a regional summit, also announced that “discussions” had been initiated with the Taliban to “protect and repatriate Afghan women and Afghans “at risk since the change of regime in Kabul on August 15. These evacuations are planned jointly with Qatar which, within the framework of its discussions with the Taliban, has the possibility of “arranging airlift operations”, specified Mr. Macron.

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