Sing E-jan, sick with covids, waiting for bed to heal for 1 days, 180 cases, waiting for bed without hope…

The word “waiting” for someone who is sick is a long time. because I don’t know how long I have to wait They have a lot of questions. Some families are infected with coronavirus in the whole house. Installed from young children to the elderly, especially those with congenital diseases What was the most painful thing I could bear?

The black-eyed villagers waited expectantly for their beds…

Today, E-Chan gathered up to 180 cases of patients who were sick, waiting for bed to heal. Of these, 20 coma (not a bed yet). 5 of them had beds. It means that there are 175 cases left that haven’t been treated! !!

In addition to having to wait for bed. also reported that Some hospitals even have to draw lots for patients to get beds. because there are many infected people But the hospital is trying to fully increase the number of beds.

Now is the time to accept that our country is in a serious crisis? The number of sick people exceeds the number of beds that the hospital can accommodate.

We can only hope that the problems caused by the voice of the people To reach the leader of the country…

Today ends at 180 cases. Tomorrow, E-Chan continues. #We will fight together #E-Chan society #Leave no one behind.


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