Singer Jorge Oñate, in delicate health

According to local media, Jorge Oñate’s health status has deteriorated and he is now receiving invasive mechanical ventilation due to the acute respiratory infection that led him to the Cardiovascular Clinic in Valledupar.

In the last hours, versions have circulated on social networks that ensure that the singer had died because of his current complications. However, their representatives denied that information and assured that it remains stable.

It is worth noting that Oñate has undergone at least three tests to rule out the presence of COVID-19 and, so far, all have been negative. It is also known that it has been necessary to perform dialysis due to the kidney failure that is presenting.

Although the complete and precise diagnosis of the musician is not known, regional newspapers affirm that he could be transferred to a hospital in Barranquilla due to the complexity of his situation.

Meanwhile, several artists have expressed their solidarity with the ‘American goldfinch’ on social media and have sent him wishes for a speedy recovery in the midst of his delicate state of health.


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