Singer Poisoned Inheritance 2 | Guest, schedule and reappearance of Antonio Rivera and Carmen Ordoñez

It is very difficult to beat the records scored by ‘Cantora: poisoned inheritance’ last Friday when Kiko Rivera skinned her mother, Isabel Pantoja, like never before before 4 million viewers, scoring a historic 31% audience share. Telecinco wants to overcome it tonight with the second installment of the special that will feature a star guest like Teresa Rivera, Paquirri’s sister, and the reappearance of Antonio Rivera and Carmen Ordoñez with their prophecies about La Pantoja that seems to be 25 years later.

The director of the special, David Valldeperas, discovered yesterday in Sálvame the content of the program that will be directed again on set by Jorge Javier Vázquez. Unpublished images, never seen before, of Kiko’s grandfather, Antonio Rivera, and the woman Paquirri loved the most, Carmen Ordoñez -mother of Fran and Cayetano Rivera-. These exclusive contents belong to the program ‘The truth machine’ from 1994, according to the director of the special. Apparently, as Valldeperas says, in his day the senior officials of Telecinco decided not to broadcast those images due to the uproar that the inheritance of Paquirri, who had died ten years earlier, aroused in public opinion.

‘Cantora: poisoned inheritance 2’: guest and tv schedule

The war between Isabel Pantoja and Kiko Rivera will live a new episode tonight after Kiko’s approach to the Rivera family this week with his visit to his uncle ‘Riverita’ in Barbate. This time it will be his aunt Teresa, one of Paquirri’s closest sisters, who will reveal everything that happened at the table where the inheritance was distributed. He will also take with him the emeralds that Paquirri bequeathed to his mother but which, apparently, Isabel Pantoja would have given the exchange for lower quality gems. A gemologist will be in Telecinco to assess them and evaluate their degree of purity. It will be at 10 pm on the main Mediaset chain.


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