Singer-songwriter Soseo, double single album ‘Saucer’ released on the 3rd

Shu→Saucer Artist name change

Singer-songwriter Soseo returns with a new song after 3 months.

The new album ‘Soseo’, which will be released on the 3rd, is the first album to be released after changing the artist name from SHUUU to Soseo.

The title song ‘You’re Already The Best For Me’ is an R&B retro pop ballad that evokes nostalgia from the 90’s and 2000’s.

The 2nd track ‘Where Is The Love?’ is a song that Sorceress has already released a demo on Soundcloud in 2019, and it unravels empty love and wandering in city pop, which is the opposite of the refreshing mood suitable for a summer night drive.

Meanwhile, Soseo is expected to release another single this year.

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