Singer: The ÖVP is and will remain open to talks

ÖVP housing spokesman: flattening of rental prices, facilitation when buying your first home and incentives for thermal renovation

Vienna (OTS/ÖVP-PK) ÖVP building spokesman Abg. In today’s short debate at the special session of the National Council, Johann Singer spoke out against the SPÖ’s demand not to adjust the benchmark rents in the next few years. “That would mean that the landlords would have to forgo the index adjustments. However, we have decided – also with the votes of the SPÖ – that there will be an index adjustment of the reference value rents from April 1st, 2023,” emphasized Singer.

“The special challenge for housing policy is that the necessary living space is available, that the old stock can be preserved and that current housing needs can be met. Our goal is to achieve long-term balance,” Singer continued. “Our proposals have been on the table for weeks”:

  • A smoothing of the rental prices, so that an increase of 4.3 percent can be made in 2023 and 2024, i.e. a total of 8.6 percent. This cushions an increase for the tenants, but there is also no creeping expropriation by the landlords.
  • We know that saving energy is the need of the hour. Therefore, we propose a tax incentive model to relieve thermal renovation and thus energy costs.
  • It has become difficult for young people to own property. Therefore, we propose that the real estate transfer tax does not apply to the acquisition of the first residential property. The loss of revenue for the municipalities is to be covered by the federal government.

“Price inflation is hitting a lot of people hard. That’s why we have already decided on many measures that also serve to support housing,” Singer said, for example, about the living umbrella, energy cost and heating cost subsidies and the relief through tax cuts and cold progression. “The ÖVP is still willing to talk and will remain so,” Singer finally clarified.


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