Single Draw in the 5th and 6th International of La Rinconada | Equestrianism 123

Engels Alfredo Medina Araque | @engelsmedina23

Day 24 of racing at the La Rinconada racecourse was exciting from start to finish. The classic Jose Antonio Paez went for Colossus and to close with a flourish, a unique draw appeared in the 5 and 6 International.

The lucky winner walks away with $17,844.57. The main protagonist of the 5 and 6 was the coach Ramón García Mosquera, who took the first four valid with the horses; Strength Caryus, Miketyson, Gran Giocatore and Zendaya.

The classic José Antonio Páez went to the horse Colossus, son of the Manchester criollo stallion, product of Haras La Primavera. It is important to remember that this is the first son of this stallion that promises a lot for the national breeding.

The sixth valid was won by Run Way with Jonathan Aray and Luis Peraza, both professionals won three competitions in the afternoon, so they were also among the highlights in meeting 24.

The national 5y6 also paid an excellent dividend of Bs. 25,840.14 for 17 lucky winners.

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