Single List Mobile Site, ‘Incredibles 2’ Producers New ‘Broken Ron’, Released on October 27th (Official)

The movie ‘Broken Ron’, presented by the production team of ‘Incredibles 2’ and ‘Car 3: A New Challenge’, will be released on October 27, and teaser posters and teaser trailers were released for the first time.

Photo = Walt Disney Company Korea

‘Broken Ron’ is a story about a special adventure and friendship that happens to Barney, who receives a broken B*Bot Ron as a gift in a world where the world’s fastest and most complete, cutting-edge beebot becomes the friend of all children.

The teaser poster released this time attracts attention with the appearance of Ron, a B*Bot with a lovely and friendly visual. A digital device that can walk and talk equipped with a state-of-the-art system, the B-bot is a best friend that not only helps all children in school, but also enables various activities such as phone calls, text messages, games, selfies, social media, and mobile.

However, the copy of “Battery life may vary” as opposed to “Your Eternal Friend” raises curiosity about the special ‘Ron’, unlike other beebots with perfect abilities.

Photo = Walt Disney Company Korea

The teaser trailer released along with the teaser poster raises expectations for a new adventure from the production team of ‘Incredibles 2’ and ‘Cars 3: A New Challenge’. In particular, it draws attention with the introduction of the world’s fastest and most complete digital device, the Vibot, which boasts a gorgeous design.

Barney, whose only wish is to have a beebot that every kid at school has, is overjoyed to receive a beebot named Ron as a birthday present. However, unlike other beebots with cutting-edge features and colorful designs that other friends have, Barney’s Ron realizes that Ron is somehow strange.

Barney, who expected that he would be able to make friends if he had a beebot, gets teased by children because of a broken Ron that doesn’t get fixed no matter how many reboots he reboots. Unlike the despondent Barney, curious and loyal Ron keeps doing crazy things to make friends with Barney and creates thrilling adventures. And, the copy, “A friendship that has never been experienced this fall, begins” raises curiosity about the special relationship between Barney and Ron and the exciting story.

‘Broken Ron’ is scheduled to be released on October 27th.

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