Single Seam makes clothes for sick children.

RAnd 250,000 children in Germany need individual clothing, according to the company, which was founded in Hamburg in 2018, because they have physical characteristics such as ports, probes or stomata.

Laura, the daughter of the founders Sandra and Christian Brunner, has Williams-Beuren syndrome, a non-inherited, incurable genetic defect that often makes her throw up. It is also a bit smaller and has special proportions. Sandra Brunner sewed tops for her.

“Friends and even strangers asked us again and again about Laura’s clothes and whether we would do something like this for other children,” recalls Christian Brunner. This is how the idea for a fashion label came about.

Fabric cleans itself

“Sandra is a trained energy specialist, but did her training in the textile sector,” says her husband, who worked in marketing for years and wrote a doctorate on brand architecture and advertising. Sandra now works full time in the company. So far, the Brunners have no competition.

At the beginning difficulties arose: Because Laura does not have a probe, the measurements had to be adapted to other children. A problem arose with the choice of fabrics, as many children with diseases have very sensitive skin. The decision was made for “wool / silk”.

The fabric from the company Danisch Pur is soft and easy to care for, liquids roll off, and thanks to natural laminin it almost cleans itself.

Hoses are hidden

A physiotherapist is at their side, who makes sure that the clothing offers enough space for the children to move and develop. The clothing ensures safety because hoses are hidden in them and so other children cannot pull on them. Creating the pattern takes a lot of time.


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