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Siren may quit acting soon

by archyde
(MENAFN– Al-Anbaa)

The artist, Cyrine Abdel Nour, revealed some issues related to her personal life, stressing that there is a lot of false news that is spreading, and may not be related to reality, throughout her artistic career, most notably her response to a question about whether she will quit acting permanently? Sirin said that this is possible and the audience may hear this word soon.
Siren appears, in a video clip published by the account of the “Cedars Art” production company via “Instagram”, that did not exceed one minute, and she holds cards on which some questions appear written in the background and she responds to them, either affirmatively or negatively, and confirmed that she does not want to be She works as a journalist, but she can work in the profession of presenting programs, which she has already done earlier, as she confirmed that she has never worn a single dress on 4 occasions, and although she can do so in her normal life, she does not do so on occasions. formal.


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