Sirengela: 131 years after the first female student we achieve the goal, the free and modern University 2024-03-12 19:07:37

The parliamentarian of the ND, Maria Syregela, characterized as particularly symbolic the fact that today, International Women’s Day honoring our struggles for the timeless rights of women, we are on the verge of passing a bill that strengthens these rights by giving even more opportunities for women and men to access quality higher education.

Positioning herself on the bill for non-profit universities, Mrs. Syringela pointed out that the first woman admitted to the Hellenic University, specifically to the Philosophical School of Athens, was Ioanna Stephanopoli in 1890 and that, 131 years later, in 2021 according to Eurostat the 49.5% of people receiving university education in our country are women.

As he said, we are one step before achieving a timeless goal for ND, the free university. “We have seen the opposition trying to sway public opinion away from its core. Because he fears the core of this legislation. Because it is doing something that governments have not dared to do SYRIZA-ANEL It supports the Hellenic Public University in practice,” said Mrs Syregela.

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