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Sitcoms banned from Moroccan television

Speaking to deputies, the CEO of SNRT decided to ban sitcoms from the Moroccan public television program. This decision, which should come into force by 2024, aims to offer Moroccans new ways of consuming audiovisual content, in order to meet their expectations.

Ahead of this reform, which will cringe in the ranks of Moroccan sitcom producers, the project to create a “Public Media Holding” comprising the National Broadcasting and Television Company (SNRT), 2M and Medi1 TV .

According to Fayçal Laâraïchi, the new public sector company should be formed, after evaluation by independent experts, of 10 channels including Radio Medi TV and its “Régie 3”.

He further added that Medi TV will transform into a 24-hour news channel specializing in news services and live broadcasts and focusing mainly on Morocco.

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