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Premier Li Keqiang attended the opening ceremony of the 130th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) and Pearl River International Trade Forum in Guangzhou on the afternoon of October 14 and delivered a keynote speech.

This year’s Canton Fair is the first offline exhibition to resume after the COVID-19 epidemic, and it has become the world’s largest physical exhibition under the epidemic.

As a barometer and weather vane of China’s foreign trade, the Canton Fair is known as the “China’s No.

Opening ceremony scene

At 12:30 noon on October 14, after experiencing closed-loop isolation, the reporter of “Daily Economic News” followed the organizer to the opening ceremony of the Pazhou Exhibition Center early. Although there are still more than two hours before the opening ceremony, all Chinese and foreign media participating in the live coverage have already arrived. Some reporters began to set up a tripod, adjust the equipment, and find the shooting angle. “This year’s Canton Fair is not to be missed.” A reporter said the voice of colleagues.

The “Daily Business News” reporter randomly interviewed several media around him: “The Prime Minister attended the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech. What do you expect?”

“It is very likely that some major new opening-up measures will be announced; more specific directions and goals will be proposed for the next high-level opening-up; cross-border e-commerce is likely to be highlighted; there should be many witty words…” Each reporter expressed their expectations.

At 15:00, the opening ceremony venue was brightly lit, Premier Li Keqiang stepped into the venue on time, and there was continuous applause.

Opening ceremony scene

The reporter noticed that at the opening ceremony, there were not only guests and spectators, but also real-time images of more than 100 representatives of foreign governments, international organizations, and heads of multinational companies participating online on the large screen on the right side of the venue. Everyone participated online and offline and listened carefully to the prime minister’s keynote speech.

“Before the end of the year, a batch of comprehensive cross-border e-commerce pilot zones will be added to achieve province-wide coverage in Guangdong and other places; the negative list for foreign investment access will be further reduced, and the negative list of the pilot free trade zone will be cleared for manufacturing; severely crack down on infringements of intellectual property rights , To create a market environment where domestic and foreign companies are treated equally and fair competition…” The Premier’s speech was sonorous and he paused slightly when referring to specific opening measures, drawing out “keywords” and drawing a “road map” for everyone.

“Today coincides with the Chongyang Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, and it is a day to climb high. Guangdong is a highland of reform and opening up. I hope to continue to step up and walk in the forefront of the country. China will continue to climb new heights.” The people felt cordial and inspiring, and there was endless applause again.

Opening ceremony scene

Peruvian President Castillo, Russian Prime Minister Mishustin, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban, Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail, Ivorian Prime Minister Aschi, and Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Greenspan delivered speeches in video.

The entire opening ceremony lasted about one hour. After the opening ceremony, the guests on the scene took photos. This is also the first time that a reporter from “Daily Economic News” listened to the premier’s speech at the Canton Fair.

“Daily Economic News” reporters took pictures at the opening ceremony

The world today is undergoing major changes unseen in a century. The Canton Fair has become not only a platform for commodity display, but also an international stage for conveying Chinese voice, sharing Chinese wisdom, and discussing cooperation plans.

(Image source of this article: Photo by reporter Zhang Huaishui)

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