Six cases of adverse effects caused by the Pfizer vaccine recorded in France

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Six cases of serious adverse effects after injection of the Pfizer vaccine have been identified, reports the National Drug Safety Agency. One person died two hours after vaccination, without a link being proven.

The National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM) announced the identification of six cases side effects following injections of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine. If these cases know a “favorable evolution”, they remain nonetheless “serious” it is specified in a press release. In detail, these are four cases of allergic reactions and two cases of tachycardia.

In addition to these serious side effects, around thirty other more benign have been recorded in the national pharmacovigilance database.

A deceased person

The ANSM still declares that it has identified one death in an Ehpad, without a link with the vaccination, carried out a few hours earlier, being proven.

“No immediate adverse effects were observed following the vaccination. Death occurred approximately two hours after vaccination […] In view of these elements, the medical history and the heavy treatment of the person, there is nothing to conclude that this death is related to the vaccination ”, reports the ANSM on this particular case.

The organization specifies that it is interested in the case of “facial paralysis“Observed in other countries following the injection of the Pfizer vaccine, but underlines that these disorders” occur extremely rarely “.

While France had 300,000 people vaccinated on January 14, the ANSM announces that a first weekly report on cases of adverse effects will be published next week.

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