Six elderly people die of covid in the US after their caregivers attend a massive wedding | Global World Blog

Three hundred guests is not a record number for a wedding, but it should be in times of coronavirus, and more in the State of Washington, in the northwestern United States, where restrictions prevented such a number of people from gathering. Health authorities identified a dozen cases of virus infection among attendees and other outbreaks related to the party.

But the balance of damages, if the link between attendance at the wedding and the deaths of six elderly people is true, has not been there. Some of the guests were nursing home workers and at least six of the people they cared for, in two different centers, have died from the disease in recent weeks, all of them men. Two of them aged 70 or more, another two octogenarians and two nonagenarians.

It’s a statement, the Grant County Health Department has specified that the infected employees, whose numbers and identities have not been released, had attended the wedding, held on November 16 at a private estate, which attracted visitors from a good number of distinct populations, which has made tracking difficult.

The department recalls that the elderly, the immunosuppressed and people with chronic diseases are the most exposed to complications derived from covid-19. The recommendation to maintain physical distance, hand washing and self-isolation in case of symptoms also applies in the State, which allows the celebration of weddings as long as there are no more than thirty guests. Other minor celebrations, such as birthdays, cannot gather more than five people and always outdoors.

As collected The Washington Post, A wedding in a small town in Maine, at the other end of the country, with about 65 guests led to an outbreak with about 200 infections and the deaths of six users of an assisted living center.


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