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It was a group of 10 Italian friends. This week they shared a flight, transportation to the hotel in a minibus, dinners, laughter, hours on the pool loungers and, of course, some cocktails that brightened up the night. In front of them, the sea, the open sky and the blinding white light of the coast. One of them, a doctor from Emilia Romagna, a region in northern Italy, did less socializing and spent hours locked in his room. It didn’t feel right. His partner accompanied him in some moments of that feverish process. On Monday, two days after arriving at the resort, he caught a taxi and drove to a local hospital. There, due to his professional experience, where he came from, he described to a colleague how he felt and, before finishing the explanation, he diagnosed himself: “I think I have coronavirus.” I was right.

The doctor’s partner, the next day, and two other friends, last Wednesday, were also infected. None of the four is in danger, according to authorities, and only the first infected has symptoms of disease. The other three are asymptomatic, although highly infectious for those who deal with them. “It is not the vacation they dreamed of, without a doubt. But everything is under control. Of course, they are bored ”, hospital sources say.

Behind them they have left a hotel shuttered with 1,000 people inside. The H10 Costa Adeje Palace, a 400-room resort. It is an unprecedented situation in this tourist town in the south of Tenerife. “The hotel is now a town in itself with 1,000 inhabitants and the hotel manager is the mayor. We try to help them with food, medical, psychological care and everything they need, “explains a spokesman for the Canary Islands government.

The six Italians in the initial group experience particular isolation from the rest of the clients. A bubble has been generated around them that keeps them away from the rest until their status is known for sure. They alone occupy 10 rooms, an entire floor. They have been confined in an area to which no one has access. In principle, those six people are those who have been exposed to a higher risk of contagion. The medical personnel and the translators who accompany them so that there are no mistakes in the diagnosis have visited the six Italians clad in special suits, as in E.T. Hotel workers leave their food at a safe distance and then call them by phone to come out and pick it up.

Several guests look out of one of the windows of the H10 Costa Adeje Palace hotel. On video, hotel workers volunteer to assist in quarantine. Photo: Reuters | Video: Atlas

Through the window of the rooms you can see people bathing in the pool and sunbathing. In two days all clients have been evaluated. Those with no symptoms could freely move around the facilities, but those with a few tenths of fever have to stay in their rooms. Every once in a while they are evaluated again. “Active tracking,” experts call it. The fact that the Italian doctor, not feeling well, took shelter in the room prevented him from infecting more clients, outside his circle of friends.

Workers have been forced to take the longest shift in their lives. Yesterday it was three days of confinement and they were still at the foot of the canyon. In a heroic act, knowing that there was an emergency of a labor nature, some employees who were carrying out the day the crisis began entered the facilities voluntarily this Wednesday. Of course, they signed a responsibility document before entering. It was a short time. Hours later they told all the employees that they could go home. With a warning: let them know if your fever rises.



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