Six Nations tournament: Wales push England down

The English variant knocked the Blues down. English rugby players will undoubtedly experience many more problems on March 13 during the crunch in their temple in Twickenham in London.

Eddie Jones’ players no longer have much to do with the vice-world champions who fell for the All Blacks in the semifinals of the 2019 World Cup. In Cardiff, the XV de la Rose was once again withered and clumsy.

He even disintegrated to undergo a small humiliation (40-24). Uninspired, slow and permeable in defense, the English multiplied the faults and finally collapsed against an aging Welsh team. This second setback in the Tournament after the slap received at Twickenham from the Scots (11-6) weakens the coach, Eddie Jones, more and more contested.

Thirtieth loss in a row for Italy

The Welsh, they seized the opportunity to win a third success in a row. After a trip to Rome which promises to be a formality in two weeks, they will appear at the Stade de France on March 20 to win a thirteenth Grand Slam.

It will not really be a grand final since the Covid-19 which was invited into the tricolor health bubble caused the postponement of France – Scotland this Sunday, probably at the end of March. Even if they win in England, the Blues will not play the Grand Slam in this match. They will have to wait a little longer.

The Irish, for their part, have shown that the gulf separating Italy from other nations had widened further. The XV of Clover, led by old Sexton, played at two per hour, which was enough for him to register six tries and outclass the Italians in Rome (48-10). The thirtieth consecutive defeat of the Transalpins in the Tournament.


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