Six tips to get motivated and get back to exercising

Those who were looking lose weight before the arrival of summer, in the classic and always unpunctual ‘operation bikini’They may have been surprised that perhaps in recent months they have had many more things against them. Having lived part of a pandemic is what you have; after so much time exercising at home, It has cost much more to put on the shirts to go for a run outside.

But now that there are many more things to do and socialization has returned to our lives, What weighs most on regular physical exercise is no longer tiredness, but laziness and lack of willpower. Also, at this point in the year many will have already thrown in the towel and will prefer to settle for what they have before getting going and changing things. How to re-develop the willpower necessary to regain our ‘fitness’ hours? The British newspaper ‘The Guardian‘has consulted with various experts to learn about the best tricks and shortcuts to make that return to physical activity much less lazy and painful.

Do not feel ashamed

One of the biggest reasons why people suddenly stop exercising outdoors or in the gym is their physical appearance. If you have gained a lot of weight during these months and you want to start eliminating fat and love handles, but you are terrified of the eyes of others, you must remove your insecurities at a stroke to take back control of your life and be successful in your company. “Usually, other people do not care or have to care about your physique “, assures Joe Edmonds, personal trainer. “As soon as you have been going to the gym for a week or two, you will notice how that perception you have changes.”

Find a personal incentive

If you are lazy by nature or you do not like going out to exercise at all, you must admit that it is very difficult to motivate yourself and put on a pair of running shoes. “I would try to encourage that person to find a reason to train,” he says. Zahir Akram, ‘coach’ personal. “Para mI find the motivation not in improving my physical appearance, but in my son. I like to remind clients that there are people who trust them and need them to be strong. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for the other people who depend on you to be healthy. ”

Don’t eat the world so soon

Many will take a run and try to carry out physical exercise they have not done in recent months. This is the most counterproductive, because in addition to exponentially increasing the risk of suffering an injury, you risk getting tired at the first change by having tried to go so fast and leave it early. Instead of becoming an elite athlete In less than a week, start gradually and take a realistic approach to what you are looking for.

Do something you like

If you hate running or find yoga boring, don’t do it. Remember that the first thing is to get motivation and enthusiasm, and if you bet on something that you already hate beforehand, the results can be very negative, tiring you as soon as you start.

“The more consistent you are with physical exercise, the higher your level of motivation will be”

“If you start with an exercise that you don’t like at all, don’t think that’s going to help you,” he says. Hannah Lewin, London coach. “Finding something that you like is a good starting point, as it will also develop confidence in what you do. This goes hand in hand with motivation, so if you do something that you dislike, going out to exercise will be even more stressful. and your motivation will decrease much more. ”

Don’t get obsessed with the gym

There are many ways to exercise, and not all include having to crawl into a confined space to break a sweat. In addition, it is much more advisable to go abroad, since the pandemic has not ended yet and this is one of the ways to minimize the risk of contagion. But British coaches go further, advising to apply small changes that little by little bear fruit, such as “walk 15 minutes a day”, which “will improve the health of your joints.” You don’t have to push yourself too hard, just get going.

Be constant

“It is better to have a few minor injuries a week that can be easily healed than to have a fat one and eventually stop exercising,” reiterates Lewin. “The more consistent you are, the higher your motivation level will be. But for this you need to be realistic, otherwise it can get very complicated. “And, above all, you have to be positive and be aware of all the progress you make.

“Compare where you are now compared to a year ago,” concludes the coach. Instead of thinking about all the kilos you have gained and therefore still have to lose, Focus on how you will find yourself in a few months, because in the end physical exercise not only serves to improve aesthetically, but also to enjoy better health that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your daily life.

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