Six years after the suicide of an architect at the headquarters of the Oisoe

The Codiano Institutional Committee (CIC) recalled this Saturday the architect David Rodríguez, who took his life inside the Office of State Works Supervising Engineers (Oisoe).

“The architect David Rodríguez García symbolizes the sacrifice that the engineering class of the Dominican Republic has undergone. Obviously, his death must be endorsed by corruption ”, said the architect Emiliano Familia, secretary general of the CIC.

He accused the past governments of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) of contracting works without funds so that, he said, engineers and architects would finance them or “resort to suicide, as has happened in the last 25 years.”

Family said that during that time dozens of construction professionals took their lives or found death as a result of the stress submitted by those administrations. “Situation that has led and has all the survivors in bankruptcy,” he added.

The architect’s death revealed the existence of corruption within the institution. Rodríguez entered the bathroom of the Oisoe headquarters on September 25, 2015 and took his life with a shot to the head.

He left a note in which he wrote the names of the Oisoe employees Alejandro Isidro de los Santos and Joel Soriano Fabián.

De los Santos and Soriano Fabián extorted him by taking away the remodeling of a school, which he won by means of a contest, if he did not take out loans from related finance companies.

In 2017 De los Santos, who was in charge of the Oisoe School Buildings Department, was sentenced to six years in prison; while Julio Rafael Pérez Alejo, Joel Soriano and Juan Ernesto Romero Pérez were sentenced to five years.

The CCI cried out to the most sensitive part of society in the face of the “insensitivity, injustice and negative” of the current Government and its officials of “not wanting to honor” the payment of the debt to the contracting engineers.

The mass in memory of David García was held in the Iglesia de los Dominicos, in the Colonial City, and was officiated by Father José Hernando.


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