SK Bioscience’s chickenpox vaccine, 37.4 billion won worth of export to Latin America

[FETV=박제성 기자] SK Bioscience’s self-developed chickenpox vaccine ‘Sky Varicella’ has entered Latin American countries through the world’s largest international procurement market. As a result, the domestic varicella vaccine that obtained the World Health Organization (WHO) PQ (Pre-Qualification) certification for the second time in the world among varicella vaccines has expanded its influence in the global vaccine market. ∙

SK Basa announced on the 23rd that it has started exporting the first batch of varicella vaccine worth $31.27 million (37.4 billion won), which was notified in advance by the UN-affiliated international organization ‘PAHO (Pan American Health Organization)’.

PAHO, the world’s largest supplier of vaccines together with UNICEF, regularly monitors the provisional demand for varicella vaccine from PAHO member countries for the purpose of preventing varicella disease in Latin America. After that, PAHO selects companies with global technology and production capacity through pre-bidding and supplies the vaccine stably to countries in need of chickenpox vaccine.

SK Basa, which succeeded in winning the PAHO bidding order in February of this year, confirmed the supply amount in the first half of this year’s provisional volume with the PAHO in April last year. In the second half of this year, additional supply exceeding the provisional demand is also expected.

Sky Varicella is a self-developed chickenpox vaccine developed by SK Bioscience that has been confirmed to be immunogenic and effective in children aged 12 months to 12 years through global clinical trials in multiple countries including Latin America. Clinical trials were conducted using the WHO PQ-certified chickenpox vaccine as a control, demonstrating excellent antibody titer and equivalent safety. Based on this, it became the second in the world to obtain WHO PQ certification, a prerequisite for participating in international tenders hosted by UN agencies, among the varicella vaccines in 2019.

SK Bioscience plans to solidify its leading position in the global chickenpox vaccine market, which is expected to grow continuously through excellent clinical data and WHO PQ certification.

According to Brand Essence Market Research, the global varicella vaccine market will grow from $3.21 billion (KRW 4.79.2 trillion) in 2021 to $4.76 billion (KRW 6.49 trillion) in 2028, with a CAGR of 5.8%. is predicted to be

Last year, SK Basa started its global expansion by supplying 1.5 million units of Sky Varicella to Turkey, a European country, through a national public bidding. Recently, in Chile and Mexico, the health authorities of each country are also in the process of product approval.

Ahn Jae-yong, president of SK Bioscience, said, “Based on our globally recognized technology, our vaccines are gradually expanding into the international procurement market including PAHO.” “We will expand our business portfolio to various areas such as vaccines and further mRNA platform vaccines and cell and gene therapy (CGT), and become a global company.”

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