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SK Group, Chairman Chey Tae-won’s ‘Financial Story’ begins in earnest

SK Group started in earnest to create a ‘financial story’ for Chairman Chey Tae-won. Photo = Bizworld DB

[비즈월드] SK Group started to create a ‘financial story’ emphasized by Chairman Chey Tae-won.

According to the business circles, SK Group carried out executive recruitment and organizational reorganization through a board meeting for each affiliate on the 2nd. The group’s position is that the affiliates directly greeted each other, unlike in the previous year, when the group announced in a lump sum to contain messages related to the financial story for each company.

In the meantime, Chairman Choi has been emphasizing that it is necessary to build a financial story with goals and specific action plans to win the trust of the market and grow, away from corporate valuation based on financial performance.

This greeting contains Chairman Choi’s management philosophy. This is because the focus of this personnel and organizational restructuring is to strengthen the group’s core businesses such as ▲Advanced Materials ▲Green ▲Bio ▲Digital, and at the same time secure growth engines and competitiveness of each affiliate.

In fact, SK Corporation President Jang Dong-hyeon and SK Innovation General Manager Kim Jun, who shined in the core business, were promoted to vice-chairman. President Jang received evaluations for successfully leading global M&As at a holding company specializing in investment. President Kim laid the foundation for the company’s growth by establishing new growth businesses in related markets such as batteries and materials.

With the promotion of the two presidents, the group of vice presidents from professional managers, excluding the SK Group owner family, increased to six, including SK Hynix Vice Chairman Park Sung-wook, SK Square Vice Chairman Park Jeong-ho, SK E&S Vice Chairman Yoo Jeong-joon, and SK Supex Council Vice Chairman Seo Jin-woo.

Six new people joined the president’s team here. No-Jeong Kwak, in charge of manufacturing and technology, and Jong-Won Roh, in charge of future strategy at SK Hynix; Won-Chul Park, new business team leader of the SUPEX Council of SKC; Gyu-Won Lee, head of the business management division of SK Materials; business leaders, etc.

In addition, the fact that about 67% of the 133 new senior executives, 30 more than last year (103), are located in the core field, shows the meaning of this appointment as a financial story. In addition, only 33 new executives from SK Innovation, a core affiliate, were appointed, and there were many personnel to develop new business and expand R&D capabilities.

In some affiliates, the younger generation received attention as they entered the personnel list. Jong-won Roh, who is in charge of future strategy at SK Hynix, was born in 1975, and Jae-seo Lee, who is in charge of strategic planning at the same company, was born in 1982, the MZ generation. Eight new female executives were appointed, including Shin Seung-ah in charge of AT department at Hynix’s new Future Technology Research Institute, and the group’s female executives continued.

At the same time, organizational restructuring was carried out to expand future business. SK innovation expanded and reorganized the existing strategic headquarters to the portfolio sector for new business development, etc.

SK Corp. also established ‘Tech’ and ‘Global’ organizations in the high-tech materials investment center and digital investment center to enhance investment expertise. SK Geocentric plans to secure green process technologies such as recycling waste plastics through the ‘G2 Tech Center’, and SK Lubricants, SK IE Technology, and SK Earth On also carried out organizational restructuring to strengthen their capabilities.

In the case of SK hynix, the strategy is to solidify its position in the global market such as North America. To this end, a ‘American Business’ organization was established to implement the ‘Inside America’ strategy, and President Lee Seok-hee will lead the organization. In addition, ‘American R&D’ is formed under the Americas business organization.

An SK Group official said, “At this year’s ‘Governance Story Workshop’, each board of directors decided to take the lead and decide on the appointment of executives and organizational restructuring.

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