SKT also cancels the allocation of the 5G (5G) 28GHz band

2023-05-31 22:47:21

Ministry of Science and ICT discontinued use as of May 31st
All three mobile carriers canceled 28GHz band allocation
Temporary use permitted for subway lines

▲ Photo: SKT

The Ministry of Science and ICT finalized the contents of the disposition as the opinion hearing procedure under the Administrative Procedure Act was completed regarding the cancellation of the 5G (5G) 28GHz frequency allocation, which was previously notified to SKT.

Due to the cancellation of the allocation, SKT’s use of the 28GHz band was suspended yesterday (31st).

As a result, despite the government’s active efforts, all three mobile carriers finally canceled the 28GHz band allocation.

On the 12th of last month, the Ministry of Science and ICT notified SKT in advance of the disposition of cancellation of the allocation due to non-fulfillment of the allocation conditions, and held a hearing on the 23rd to hear the opinions of those subject to the disposition.

However, at the hearing, as SKT expressed its intention to continue building and operating subway Wi-Fi that uses the currently built 28GHz as a backhaul, LGU+ and KT (which were canceled last year) In consideration of the case of KT), it was decided to exceptionally allow the use of frequencies for subway lines until November 30, the initial allocation period.

In addition, the Ministry of Science and ICT is willing to continue discussions with the government and other operators about expanding the free subway Wi-Fi service provided by SKT in some subways in Seoul to other routes in Seoul and to metropolitan areas and metropolitan cities even after the end of November. According to the disclosure, we plan to promote detailed discussions related to this with telecom operators.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Science and ICT is currently pushing for new operators to enter the 28GHz band, and plans to announce details related to frequency allocation through a 28GHz band allocation announcement in the future.

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