Slimani talks about his aborted transfer to Nantes

Before joining Sporting Lisbon in 2013, Algerian international striker Islam Slimani was about to sign with FC Nantes in France but his transfer fell through at the last minute.

The current OL striker has not forgotten what happened to him with the leaders of the Canaries and said: “I am an honest and correct person. If you’re honest with me I respect you but if you disrespect me… I couldn’t play in a club where someone disrespects me. That’s why it didn’t happen. I came to sign for Nantes, there were too many things that did not fit compared to what we had talked about before. Afterwards, I signed for a big club which is Sporting ”.

Note that Slimani had an appointment with the leaders of FC Nantes before flying the next day to Portugal to finally sign with Sporting.

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