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“Slime Rancher 2”, which was launched in early access, sold 100,000 copies in just 6 hours « doope!

by archyde

“Slime Rancher 2”, the sequel to the long-awaited early access launch of the healing slime farm management game “Slime Rancher”, has been announced by Nick Popovich, CEO and co-founder of Monomi Park. We reported on the trend, and it became clear that 100,000 units were sold in less than 6 hours after the release.

According to Nick Popovich, Monomi Park originally dreamed of selling 100,000 copies on its first day, and as mentioned above, not only did they achieve this goal in just six hours, but within the first hour of release, they were the studio’s highest-selling singles in a single day. has been significantly updated.

Reference: Early access version of “Slime Rancher 2” launch trailer

Slime Rancher 2 is the sequel to the award-winning game with over 15 million fans worldwide. Embark on a new adventure with Beatrix Lebeau to explore a mysterious island filled with ancient technology and undiscovered natural resources, and discover a new species of Punipnipyopuyo slime that inhabits the island. let’s find

Enjoy crafting, slime farming and gardening in beautiful greenhouses while unlocking the island’s secrets and discovering their true purpose. From the glittering glass wall, you can see the colorful paradise that is Beatrix’s new home.

■ Content

  • EXPLORE A NEW WORLD FULL OF COLORS: Join Beatrix Lebeau on a mysterious multi-colored island and open new doors in Slime Rancher Adventures.
  • Discover a new type of plump slime: Collect a new type of heart-pounding slime that you could not see on Planet Harukana.
  • BUILD A GREENHOUSE ON YOUR ISLAND: Collect slime prits and resources to earn New Bucks and use them to upgrade your vacuum packs, craft new gadgets, and expand your greenhouse.

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