Slovakia: fear of death! Desperate hostage satisfies gas station robbers – foreign news

In her fear, she didn’t know what to do otherwise.

In a gas station attack in Slovakia, the police were able to arrest the robber (24) at the scene. Bizarre: The robber was half naked and was orally satisfied by a woman (36)!

In the first media reports it was said that the Czech had distracted him until the police arrived. But now it came out: She apparently acted out of sheer fear!

The perpetrator thought she was a gas station employee, Soňa told the broadcaster “Newspaper”. He then pulled her inside the building and asked that she open the safe. “When I couldn’t do that, he got aggressive and slapped me.”

An employee locked the gas station in order to detain the robber until the police arrived. But inside the situation has become more and more dangerous, says Soňa. The perpetrator was “out of his mind” and grabbed her.

Soňa decided to appease the Serb – and started flirting with him! “That was my instinct for self-preservation,” says Soňa. After all, she had no choice but to satisfy him orally.

Soňa: “That saved my life.”

The police arrested the robber, he is now in police custody.


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