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Reporter Zhong Yulian / Comprehensive Report

American actor “Small Class” Ben Affleck (Ben Affleck) filmed the movie “Deep Water” (Deep Water) in 2019 with “New Pound Girl” Ana de Armas (Ana de Armas). The romance broke out in March, but broke up within a year, and the small class quickly reunited with Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez). However, “Deep Water” is about to enter the publicity period. The small class will run together with the ex-girlfriend for publicity. It also makes people wonder whether Qiao Hip Zhen will love to follow each other again. When the new love and the old love come together, they will definitely become the focus.

▲Anna de Hamas became the new Pound girl and caused the topic. (Photo/Rewind from Instagram/Ana de Armas)

▲Ben Affleck, Anna de Hamas.  (Photo/Rewind from Instagram/Ana de Armas)

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▲Anna once had a relationship with Ben Affleck. (Photo/Rewind from Instagram/Ana de Armas)

Ana de Hamas has recently become popular due to the release of the new film “007 Battle Between Life and Death”. The sexy image has become a new generation of goddess in many people’s minds. The past she used to interact with Xiaoban has also been revealed. Wipe out the fire of love, and even talk about marriage, but unfortunately, because the two are at different stages of their lives, the love affair has ended in less than a year.

▲▼Small class.  (Photo/Dazhi Image/Associated Press)

▲▼Xiaoban and Qiaotou Jane had a high-profile flash at the premiere a few days ago. (Photo/Dazhi Image/Associated Press)

▲▼Small class.  (Photo/Dazhi Image/Associated Press)

What’s embarrassing is that recently “Deep Water” will start to run publicity. Anna and Xiaoban, who are the main actors, must be on the same stage to attend major events. It makes people wonder what reaction Xiaoban’s current girlfriend, Qiao Hip Jan, will react. At the premiere of the movie “The Last Duel”, Qiaohanzhen was present to accompany and give kisses. This time the small class not only played the leading role in “Deep Water”, but also had a sexy ex-girlfriend on the same stage. I wonder if Qiaobaozhen will also be there The high-profile declaration of sovereignty also made the “melon-eating people” wonder how subtle it would be if new and old love gathered together.

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